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    3. 中文
      Hi,are you ready?

      Hi,Are you Ready?
      Then get in touch with us.

      If you have any good suggestions about our product quality and service, please contact us as soon as possible, we will be happy to serve you!

      S.Zheng ShenZhou City Traffic facilities Co.,LTD

      Address: Shuangjing Economic Development Zone, Shenzhou City, Hengshui City, Hebei province.

      Manager Wang:156-3183-6996




      Your project information

      About S.Zheng

      Shenzhen Zhengtong traffic facilities Co., Ltd. is a focus in the field of traffic facilities protection products, with strong production, sale, installation company of Trinity comprehensive professional ability, we under the production department, sales department, finance department, Ministry of supply, technical inspection department, business, office, Department of Room Seven; stamping, tube making, molding, spray, galvanized five production workshop; second wave guardrail plate construction installation engineering team. To provide quality service through the integration of the team of professional marketing concepts and product technology.

      Our main business include: highway fence, slope protection network, sound barrier, the production, sale and installation of bridge.

      Our company introduced advanced stamping, cutting, phosphating, cold galvanized, hot galvanized, large electrostatic spray a full set of production equipment. Products through the approval of the Ministry of communications traffic engineering supervision and Testing Center (national traffic safety facilities for quality supervision and testing center), all in compliance with: standard of traffic trade JT/T281 2007 "highway corrugated beam steel guardrail, the national standard GB/T18226-2000 the freeway traffic engineering steel parts anticorrosion technology conditions". Annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons. Equipped with laboratory, set up a full set of test equipment, to the various of product appearance, color, coating thickness, adhesion test and quality control we have developed a strict quality control system.


      More than 100 project


      14 year course


      Industry Top50

      Our idea

      We uphold "for partners to create value" as the core value view, and to "honesty, tolerance, seriously, service" spirit of enterprise, through a strong and sincere cooperation for you to provide services, to create value.

      On creating value for partners"
      We believe that customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and all and have cooperation between the units and individuals are their partners, and only through efforts to create value for partners, in order to reflect their own value and access to development and success.

      About "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service"
      We believe that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for solving the problem, innovation is the cause of the development of the weapon, service is the fundamental value of the creation.


      Our Say

      Integrity is our constant commitment to focus is our consistent attitude
      And all of this is based on our down-to-earth spirit
      Customers want to think customers do not procrastinate not perfunctory efficiency first
      The best products and best service return customers the most sincere trust









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