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      Your project information

      Labor force arrangement plan for highway guard rail

      2016-04-02 16:57

      Labor force arrangement plan for highway guard rail
      Labor organization and management
      In accordance with the construction of the highway fence board schedule planning, overall planning, unified scheduling, there are plans to target the construction staff approach. According to highway guardrail board on engineering characteristics of the establishment of the system of professional and technical training, the mobilization of more construction machinery operators, technicians and pipeline construction, professional skills training, improve law-abiding consciousness and the quality of the legal system, promote the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization.
      Two, the labor force plan
      Our company for the project to be put into the labor force, see the "labor schedule"
      According to the contents of the work, according to the labor workers set up, according to the requirements of the professional team for assembly order entry

      Unit: 24 people
      Type of work in accordance with the work of the project construction stage
      Sand blasting, plastic, installation
      Sand blasting 5
      Plastic 5
      3 welders
      General 5
      Fitter 6

      Three, the busy season and holidays, labor guarantee measures
      Role of the organization 1 play project manager for the Department of the party and government, industry groups and the model of the party, the members of the leading role, establish the time consciousness, struggle together with all construction personnel on site;
      2 implement the economic responsibility system, formulate the holidays and busy season to ensure labor force, ensure the schedule of reward and punishment measures;
      3. The project manager department first solve the worries of workers: from the funds and material guarantee of worker of a gleam of normal expenditure, and to ensure that eat; to adhere to the work of the workers, ahead of the pretest probability of wages, to ensure that personnel busy season of with the money needed to.
      . reasonable arrangements for highway guardrail board process, deployment of labor force, to ensure that the needs of the total project duration; for in the busy season, indeed because it is difficult to overcome the difficulties can not participate in the labor force caused by the construction of a gleam of attrition, prepared in advance queuing work, specific to the implementation of people, early plan, coordinate labor, reached no attrition, don't slow down, to the owners of the total completion date unshakeable.
      5 in the whole company to mobilize labor, to meet the construction needs during the busy season.


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