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      Hi,are you ready?

      Hi,Are you Ready?
      Then get in touch with us.

      If you have any good suggestions about our product quality and service, please contact us as soon as possible, we will be happy to serve you!

      S.Zheng ShenZhou City Traffic facilities Co.,LTD

      Address: Shuangjing Economic Development Zone, Shenzhou City, Hengshui City, Hebei province.

      Manager Wang:156-3183-6996




      Your project information


      Product Molding

      1.Equipment control is PLC control, multiple safety protection is set up in normal production.
      2.The bed is a steel plate weldment. And for tempering treatment to eliminate internal stress, to avoid the deformation of the body.
      3.The forming machine frame is cast iron structure, and it is tempered by tempering. High strength, long service life.
      4.The material of the roller shaft is 40Cr, and the hardness is HB280 after quenching and tempering treatment.
      5.The molding tool material is GCr15, the quenching process, the hardness: HRC56-62℃。


      Processing Technology

      Barrier plate in the production before the need to strictly in accordance with national standards or specific needs of production, production before the need to draw the drawings, the peak height is how much, how much is the peak distance. These are very important parameters. Only in strict accordance with the standard parameters of production, in order to give full play to the protective effect of the barrier plate, after the adjustment of production equipment, the equipment to adjust to the necessary requirements to produce a standard product.

      This can be made in the process of installation of micro adjustment, the installation is more flexible and convenient. Next we need to guard plate was embalmed, there are two ways for anticorrosion treatment of galvanized and spray treatment. Galvanized by hot dip galvanized is known as galvanized board fence, also a spray treatment to become immersed plastic guardrail plate. The addition of a combination of two kinds of antiseptic treatment for zinc plating and spray treatment. Spray can make guardrail plate more beautiful, there are a variety of spray color, can choose according to. After the preservative treatment need to dry, especially spray treatment, spray dried before packing. Guardrail plate packing is also very important, because in the process of transportation it is inevitable bumps, in the factory will be the package management to prevent damage.


      Equipment Show

      The entire production line set up the school level, feeding / punching, forming, cutting and other technology in one of the production equipment.
      The whole production line is composed of discharge system, punching system, forming system (welding technology), cutting off system, electric control system and so on.


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