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      Your project information

      To the spring outing to Shenzhou sightseeing park.

      2016-04-02 16:54

      Hengshui city transportation network, known as the "cross of gold", more "North Lake City" and "city" reputation. Hengshui City, young, vibrant, but cultural heritage but and the ancient city of the same deep, many national and provincial key cultural relics protection units, the natural environment is no less than humane landscape worth a look of degree, in short, Hengshui is a leisure vacation travel place.
      Shenzhou peach sightseeing garden, located in the famous "Shenzhou peach" Xiang Mu Cun Xiang, adjacent to the Shenzhen City, covers an area of 3 million mu is Shenzhou City in peach Taoyuan base as the center plus surrounding the tourist attractions of the comprehensive construction of tourist attractions. In 2008 by the Hebei Provincial Tourism Bureau to become a national AA grade tourist attractions, in 2009 was named the first batch of agricultural tourism demonstration sites in Hengshui province is the only award in the Hebei area of tourism attractions.
      Ahernaria famous, it has more than 2000 years of cultivation history, according to the "Shenzhou county" records: Han "Shenzhou native said peach. There was once peach tribute... North of the peach, the best in Shenzhou, called peach". "Shenzhou peach, Raoyang embroidery, Anping of silk, all border also wins independence." Ming Dynasty peach begins a large number of cultivation, the Qing Daoguang years of peach development to more than 10 million lines, distributed in more than 20 village, now only produced in the town of Shenzhen west Du Zhuang, Mu Cun Xiang Xi Ma Zhuang, such as several villages.
      According to historical records, the Han Dynasty, Liu Xiu's men had been Wang Mang's army pursued. Liu Xiu went to Shenzhou when hungry and thirsty, he ate the peach production here, feel the spirit, finally get rid of the pursuers. Later, when the emperor Liu Xiu, ordered the Shenzhou peach as a tribute. Since then, Shenzhou is well known in the world. Later dynasties, the palace will take Shenzhou as the palace of peach fruit. Every time to the ripe peach, peach farmers on the car, Tam pick peaches sent to the capital. Therefore, Shenzhou peach is also known as "tribute peach".
      In mid April of every year is the annual Shenzhou Peach Blossom Festival, tens of thousands of acres of peach bloom, like a rainbow like Xia, prescription contiguous, beautiful.
      In addition, within the scenic area is North China's largest "Millennium Guhuai", "peach blossom", "three hundred year old pear garden", "form boxing master Guo Yunshen hometown" unique landscape.
      Shenzhou peach garden, rich in tourism resources, has built a large and small circular three tourist routes, about 100000 visitors each year. Scenic spot to "spring flowers, summer fruit picking, autumn peach cultivar" model, the development of the outing, flowers, picking, taste and labor content of tourism projects. Tourists can admire the beauty of flowers, peach cultivars, "worship the Millennium Guhuai", "view of the folk cultural performances", "Tour agriculture ecological village," tour.
      Thousand miles trek twilight, million acres of peach blossom for the king to open. Believe you see in Shenzhou peach Sightseeing Park stretches of endless flowers, will forget those working pressure from urban complex, let the mood to enjoy the release. On the view of "Taiwan", you will be like this with the blooming peach intoxicating.


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